On this page you can download Avenir 35 Light truetype font (here).

TrueType format is suitable for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Avenir 35 Light

download Avenir 35 Light


Added: 01.01.2012, 16:12

Font family: Avenir 35 Light

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Style: Light

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#1 - Nandol (04.06.2012, 11:25)

Good job


#2 - Vivek KR (22.08.2012, 08:30)

Want to download Avenir 35 light download


#3 - Vivek KR (22.08.2012, 08:32)

I want to download avenir 35 light font


#4 - tatik (06.11.2015, 04:56)

want to download avenir 32 light font


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